Sharon J. Barthelmes


South Carolina

Sharon J. Barthelmes is a true Piedmont native, born and raised in the Wren community. I graduated from Wren High School, as did my 4 biological children. I have two amazing sons-in-law and an equally awesome daughter-in-law, who I also claim as my own. After graduating from Wren, I went to Winthrop University where I earned a BA in Communications and a Minor in Political Science, so I worked for the Baltimore Orioles organization and then as a DJ for a while before going back to school to start my nursing career. The rumor is true that I did skydive competitively, but that was life BC (before children). The day I started Clemson University, I got pregnant with the twins, and my skydiving career was over. I graduated with a BS in Nursing when they were 18 months old. I loved children, so I worked as a pediatric nurse for Prisma for 17 yers on the inpatient floors, PICU, NICU, Hematology, and oncology, and completed my nursing career in the Pediatric Emergency Room.

After my zest for all areas of pediatrics was over, I went back to Clemson for my Master’s degree in nursing and started my NP career as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Urgent Care and also was a partner in a private practice in Simpsonville.

After my youngest daughter started Clemson for her nursing degree, I had an “empty nest” for a short period of time before I filled it back up with a 3 month old foster son, who is now 2 years old. The following year, his now 12 year old sister joined us and now his 10 year old sister makes my empty nest pleasantly chaotic, and reminds me why people my age don’t routinely birth babies. While I love being a Mom and a Mommy and an NP, my other blessed title is “GiGi.” I have four handsome grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter who are all wonderfully blessed. My first grandson was only here for 16 hours due to a Trisomy 13 defect, but he was equally handsome is among the pictures of GiGi’s babies in my office.

People ask what I do in my “spare” time, so I have to laugh at that and ask if that’s a trip to the bathroom alone or a quiet ride from daycare to work. So, I guess I’d have to say that my week-ends are spent with friends and family, and I serve on the medical team at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. I love to grow vegetables and participate in “yard therapy” whenever I can.

I joined the team at Piedmont Family Practice in 2018, and have liked the change from Urgent Care to Family Medicine. I enjoy doing Home Visits with our older vulnerable patients most afternoons. I really like being part of this community and working in family practice really lets you make the most of relationship-based medicine. Patients seem to really value having a Care Team who really knows them and is focused on patient centered care.

Clemson University – BSN, MSN

PCC of Piedmont
Athens Family Medicine