Joseph T. Garand


South Carolina

Dr. Joseph T. Garand has been practicing Family Medicine with a sub-specialty in Geriatrics, for over 32 years. Dr. Garand has long maintained the core values of the Family Physician by providing comprehensive and continued health care for individuals and families of all ages. After 28 years of practicing Family Medicine at Piedmont Family practice, Dr. Garand was presented with the opportunity to oversee the development of a Family Practice Residency Program. For many years while precepting medical students, he noticed that many of the students were opting to go into different specialties, as opposed to Family Medicine.

It was Dr. Garand’s hope that he could make an impact through teaching and helping to provide state of the art learning tools to encourage the next generation of physicians to consider the field of Family Medicine.  During his four years as Medical Director and educator at the Prisma Center for Family Medicine, a Family Practice residency program was established. The residency program will have its first graduating class of Family Physicians in June of 2023.

Coming full circle, Dr. Garand decided to make his return to Piedmont Family Practice in, July of 2022. Dr. Garand has been married for 31 years to his wife, Karyn and they have 4 sons, JT., Alex, Emory, and Wilson.  Dr. Garand and his wife have spent a busy last year seeing two of their older sons marry. They also spend a lot of time traveling to see their youngest son, Wilson, play soccer for the Anderson University Trojans. Dr. Garand enjoys playing guitar, jogging and spending time with his family, including his seven brothers and sisters and their families.

Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, S.C., Class of 1987

Center for Family, Greenville Hospital System, Class of 1990

PCC of Piedmont
Athens Family Medicine