Jorge Vasquez



Dr. Jorge Vasquez, having been in the medical field for over 30 years, believes communication skills are essential to establishing a good relationship with each patient and arriving at the correct diagnosis. Giving each patient the time they need and deserve, Dr. Vasquez is known for answering questions and using language that is clear, without using too much medical terminology. His personalized approach is best described in Dr. Vasquez’s own words,” I always try to make my patients feel that they are in good hands and being cared and heard for when I see them. Trust is one of the most important things between a doctor-patient relationship, no matter a person’s intellect or how many medical papers an individual has published”. Going the “extra mile” for each patient’s well-being, Dr. Vasquez takes pride, through his coordination of care model, which he utilizes in conjunction with other physicians and hospitals throughout the area to ensure each patient receives the care they richly deserve.

Higher Institute of Medical Services, Villa Clara

Medical Residency
Medical Residency- Family Medicine at Gustavo Aldereguia

PCC of Semoran

English, Spanish