Argentina Brito



Dr. Argentina Brito was born in Santo Domingo. She has been devoted to her profession and her family. “Excellence in Service” is the motto of Dr. Argentina Brito. She has served and cared for patients in this community for over 30 years as a Primary Care Physician. For Dr. Brito in her own words “to be a doctor is a blessing from the Lord, and I believe that it’s a privilege to serve others and be able to apply my knowledge and abilities God has given me.” This expression has defined Dr. Brito’s vision and mission as a doctor all through her practicing years. She argues that the main reason she became a Physician was to honor God and serve with kindness and efficiency to the highest professional and humane level. Dr. Brito is married and has three daughters and nine grandchildren, who she loves and enjoys sharing with along with her close family members and friends many from her church community.

Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud | Dept. de Medicina | Cuidad Universitaria, Dominican Republic

Ponce Regional Hospital – Ponce, Puerto Rico
Diabetes (Short Course) “Joslin-Harvar-inden” – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

PCC of Brito Medical

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