Araldo Ponce



Araldo Ponce graduated from the University of Santa Clara, Cuba, specializing in General Medicine and Endocrinology. During his residency he was able to provide superior care and consultation that resulted in an overall improvement of the department’s patient satisfaction with respect to quality driven healthcare. Working for sixteen years as a primary physician, Araldo focused on patient treatment, and reevaluated several methods of therapy management for patients with Diabetes and other Endocrinology illnesses. This patient care was dependent on utilizing an individual’s patient history and researching the efficiency of previous treatments. In 2013, after coming to the United States, Araldo achieved the title of Master of Science: Family Nurse Practitioner from Miami Regional University, as well as becoming a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioner (AANP).

University of Santa Clara, Miami Regional University

PCC of Brito Medical

English, Spanish